• Vertex Pond-Lyfe 1
    Vertex Pond-Lyfe 1
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    Pond-Lyfe™ 1, by Vertex® Aeration Systems System Package Includes: 1/4 hp, 115v Brookwood continuous duty piston compressor Uses only 1.6 amps Monthly operating cost of $6 - $8  Powder coated, aluminum cabinet 140 cfm cooling fan Mounting pad G.F.C.I. protection, ETL & UL listed One..

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  • Blue Wing™ Super Concentrate Pond Dye
    Blue Wing™ Super Concentrate Pond Dye
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    Blue Wing™ Super Concentrate pond & lake dye, by Pond Biologics® Creates a brilliant true blue color! Blue Wing™ is a straight blue, highly concentrated water dye. Blue Wing™ shades and protects, while adding a natural color and an aesthetic appeal to your pond or lake. This powerful Pond Dye Concentrate is stronger than any one..

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  • Bio-Buster™  Muck Reduction Pellets
    Bio-Buster™ Muck Reduction Pellets
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    Bio-Buster™ Muck Reduction Pellets, by Pond Biologics® Muck building up in your lake or pond. Remove it quickly and naturally with Bio-Buster™ from Pond Biologics®. Easy to Apply Pellets Reduces Organic Sediment “Muck” Contains billions of colonies of beneficial microorganisms and enzymes Eliminates noxiou..

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  • Eco-Series Pond Kits
    Eco-Series Pond Kits
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    Easy Pro, Eco-Series Pond Kit System Easy Pro pond kits are an excellent value! Each kit includes all the necessary items to build a top quality water feature. Kit Includes: 45 mill rubber liner - 20 year warranty Liner Underlayment Eco-Series Skimmer Eco-Series filter with media Continuous duty pump ..

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  • L.S.C.™ Muck Reducer & Water Clarifier
    L.S.C.™ Muck Reducer & Water Clarifier
    Based on 4 reviews.

    L.S.C.™- Liquid Super Concentrate Muck Reducer and water clarifier, by Pond Biologics® Reduce 12+ inches of MUCK in one season! L.S.C.™ has the highest amount of beneficial bacteria available today, Guaranteed!  Apply to water temperatures as low as 38° F.   L.S.C.™ is a highly concentrated active liquid culture d..

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  • Blue Wing™ WSP
    Blue Wing™ WSP
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    Blue Wing™ WSP Pond Dye Concentrate, by Pond Biologics®  The same dye as in the Pond Biologics® liquid super concentrate, but in an easy to use water soluble packet (WSP). Simply toss the WSP into your pond or lake, and the dye will disperse throughout the entire water body on its own.  Highly concentrated pond dye Ea..

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  • Lake Rake
    Lake Rake
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    Lake Rake 36" Wide Head 11' long 1-1/8" diameter 2-section Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle Detachable Polyethylene Float 50' length of poly rope Handle sections are connected with snap pins for easy assembly and storage By removing the float and shortening the handle you have a professional-grade landscape rak..

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  • AquaMaster 1/2hp Classic LE Series
    AquaMaster 1/2hp Classic LE Series
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    1/2 HP, AquaMaster Classic LE Floating Pond Fountain Superior Quality. High Performance Power Unit. Industry Leading Warranty. This new, built to last 1/2 hp Classic LE series fountain from AquaMaster is constructed with high quality, corrosion resistant components utilizing propeller technology. The power unit, propeller, debris screen,..

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  • Cutrine Plus liquid
    Cutrine Plus liquid
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    CUTRINE-PLUS Liquid Algacide Rapid acting Works great in hard water  Works on contact! Controls a broad range of algae Effectively kills algae in lakes, ponds, irrigation canals, and drainage ditches Kills surface algae quickly without any water use restrictions Control will last for several weeks..

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