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Pond Aerator Parts & Aerator Maintenance Services


Nothing is new forever, no matter how well it was built. That is why The Pond Shop not only sells pond and lake aerator parts and systems and floating fountains, but we also service and repair them.

Our well trained technicians have a broad range of experience with every major brand of floating fountain and aeration system. We are trained and certified technicians for both Vertex Aeration Systems and AquaMaster floating fountains.

Of course, preventing problems is the best option. That is why we offer top quality pond aerator parts along with cleaning and maintenance services to our customers. Contact us direct for instructions on having your equipment serviced.

The Pond Shop provides:

  • Quick response time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Manufacture certified technicians
  • Servicing of all major brands
  • Warranty work
  • Annual maintenance contracts (for local customers)

Contact us with your questions.